Anti-Aging Wrap

We all agree that not everyone shows their age to the same degree. The environment, stress, diet, medication, illness, heredity and lifestyle are considered defining factors. However, we also know of areas of the world where inhabitants seem to remain ageless and actively contributing in society well beyond the norm.

Expeditions to China and Ecuador's rain forest by Betty Mahan, an Educator and Dr. K. Sotomayor of The Research Group, located rare and exotic herbs used in the Anti-Aging Wrap solution. Although the formula is a secret, we can tell you the contents include certain key elements already proven successful in other Suddenly Slender Inc. products plus bio-essences from the new imported herbs.

The challenge and breakthrough came from developing new technologies that maintain over two dozen separate ingredients that are fully active, compatible and in perfect combination in the solution. The long awaited result is the most invigorating, healthful, anti-aging process in the world today. The wrapping process remains the same with all the active stand up wraps, regardless of the solution type. The client is measured and wrapped. After an hour of light exercise with solution reapplied every 30 minutes, the client is re-measured.

Look 10-30 inches slimmer in 1 hour...Guaranteed!

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