The Body Lift - Body Wrap

This is a brand new formula just created. It is the Power formula "on steroids"! It provides maximum visual slimming.

Your skin will feel amazingly soft, smooth and silkier than you have ever felt it. The tighter looking skin is very apparent. You will have more energy which will lead you to a better, healthier lifestyle. Use this wrap in one of your wrap packages for an incredible increase in results.

For best results, use a variety of wrap formulas to reap the benefits of each kind. The process is the same as the Slendertone, Anti-Aging and Power wraps.


Here's what some of them had to say:

"Wonderful! I felt full of PEP the entire day!"
- Sue B.

"I felt the energy surge, but my SKIN's the best part, it's velvety!"
- Vicky L

"During the wrap I was SO energized, I couldn't wait to be unwrapped,
I wanted to go out and DO something!"
- Mary D.

" When can I get another wrap like this, please?"
- Kris K.

"I was tired before the Wrap but not anymore!"
- Ann T.

"My skin really changed, it feels great!"
- Lynn F.

"Somehow I feel a lot lighter, ready for action!"
- Marva T


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