Face Taping

Once you've experienced the miracle of The Body Wrap, you are ready for the Face Taping Technique, which dramatically improves facial appearance in a very short period. Face Taping helps to create a smoother, more toned and youthful looking face.

Aesthetic Goals
When closely observed, the face will show many small imperfections and some that are quite noticeable. Even the slightest change in them will produce startling effects. Small flaws in and around the eyes, nose, cheeks, forehead and mouth can be visually altered a bit at a time without surgery, until progressively they achieve a noticeable, aesthetic change.

As observed on the Sally Jesse Raphael show, Victoria took only one hour to noticeably change the features of one of Sally's staff to the amazement and admiration of the host and guests!

It's a simple, non-invasive procedure where strips of surgical tape, which are slightly elastic and highly porous, permit the special mineral solution to be absorbed through the skin. Placed strategically on the face to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, as well as to lift the eyebrows, jaw line and accent the cheekbones, with the entire process taking only about 60 minutes.

As with The Body Wrap, it is best to receive one or two face tapings per week until you have achieved the desired results. Because the face is such a mobile and active part of the body (we smile, frown, laugh and stretch our facial skin) it is recommended that you come in periodically for maintenance.

How is Face Taping Done?

How is it done? As a first step, we observe carefully the face and notice any obvious areas needing help.

The person lays down comfortably with their face up. This allows the facial tissue to relax, smoothing out naturally from simple gravitational pull. Highly porous tape is then used to lift any sagging tissue into its proper place.

The cheeks, brows, jaw and areas around the eyes where wrinkles or sagging occur are adjusted and taped. Once the taping is complete, the face is wrapped with our special mineral solution.

Mineral-soaked pads are placed over the eyes (which help with dark circles). The eye pads also help the area by reducing the signs of any bags or puffiness around the eyes. With the eyes still covered, one quietly relaxes for 20 minutes. The pads and bandages are replaced with new ones which remain in place for an additional 20 minutes to allow fresh solution to work its magic.

Following this period, the pads, bandages and tape are removed. A final wrap of bandages, eye pads and mineral solution is applied at this time. After 10 minutes it is removed and an all-natural, moisturizing cream is applied.

The startling visual improvements will be observable at this point.


How do you address wrinkles?
We run tape over all the small lines on the forehead and the lip area. If the corners of the mouth turn down, we tape them up. If the nose is crooked, we tape it into a straight position.

Is there a change?
Yes! There is a visual, photographable, measurable change.

How many taping sessions are needed?
The face should be taped and wrapped once or twice a week until the person is satisfied with the way it looks. Then a maintenance taping should be done every one to two months, depending on the person's age and lifestyle. The face doesn't hold it's shape indefinitely, since we use our facial muscles to laugh, frown and express ourselves. We stretch the skin a lot, we sleep on it, etc. plus the fact that the face is exposed to many damaging things such as chlorine, harmful UV rays from the sun, airborne chemicals, etc.

How much younger will I look?
Each person reacts differently but you may look five, ten, maybe even twenty years younger. This depends on the individual's age, state of their skin and the number of Face Tapings they have received. The effects of Face Taping are cumulative.

How many Face Tapings have been performed?
Globally, our Licensees have delivered over 60,000 since 1995, but we've been using the mineral solution for visually slenderizing the body and tighter feeling skin since 1969.

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