The "It's All You" Bra!

The creation of the "It's All You!" Bra came about through the research and studies made by Victoria Morton into the reasons for tissue displacement in women who wore a bra regularly. Soft tissue in and around the breast areas through the years is squeezed and forced out of it's natural placement, creating unsightly and abnormal bulges.

Needless pressure, applied by bras that are not designed to support the shape and weight of the breast correctly, cause this displacement, along with lesions, impaired circulation, bad posture and restriction of blood and body fluid flow from the lymph glands.

There is a huge difference between a custom-fit bra and one bought off the rack in a department store. In the first place there's a lot more to a breast than cup size.

The store-bought syndrome is obvious when you consider their bras are mass-produced for profit, not orthopedic support. Studies made in the last 10 years reveal the risks that are associated with wearing improper bras.

Beginning with the publishing of "Dressed to Kill",* a book by Dr. Sydney Ross, into the relation between bras and breast-cancer, many researchers have joined with studies of their own. Others, such as Dr. Mark Weiss and Gregory Haig, a leading Homeopath, warn us about the need to allow the lymphatic system to flush toxins freely, without restriction.

The "Its All You" Bra & UnderbandT

UnderbandT, our own exclusive support system, uses contour guides to reposition displaced soft tissue. The unique structural design plays a pivotal role in enhancing the bustline.

Not only is the contour of one of woman's finest features improved in the process, it can be visually increased or even diminished to achieve the proportionate look desired.

Repositioning the misplaced soft tissue back to its proper position results in a slimmer looking midriff. These two positive features lead to posture and contour changes, instantly noticed by you and everyone else.

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