Salon Services

At Head to Toe®, we offer a full menu of salon services including the following:
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Hair Services

  • A John Amico Salon
  • Italian Hair Colour & Hair Care Products
  • Hair Cutting
  • Styles
  • Perms
  • Color and Highlighting
  • Helix Styling Aids & Products

Helix Cuts Curl Method

There have been two ways known to man to produce curl in the hair,
One is Heat and the other is Chemical and BOTH Damage Hair.
The Helix is a cutting technique to put curl or volume into hair with a special
designed shear that can only be performed by a trained specialist.
Helix Cuts- starting at $75 depending on hair length, includes style & styling instructions.
Helix Cuts Curl, Volume and Lift into your hair. WITH NO CHEMICALS USED!
The hottest newest method of hair cutting, Available ONLY at Head To Toe In Newburgh.


Helix Cuts Curl (includes styling & instructions) - $75 & up depending on length

Helix Trim - $45

Haircut Women - $25

Haircut Men - $15

Haircut Children - $12

Women's Cut & Style - $40 & up

Color - $65 & up

Cap Highlights - $55 & up

Foils - 1 color $75 ($20 ea additional color, Cut not included with color)

Shampoo & Style - $25 & up

Updo - $50 & up

Make-Up Make-Over - $40

Hair Extensions...Free Consultation. All hair orders require 1/2 non-refundable deposit.

I Hair Extensions - $8 ea I Hair, adjust/removal $3 ea or $175 for pack of 25

T Hair Extensions - $20 ea, adjust/removal $8 ea. or $175 for pack of 10.

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- $25 - w/shellac - $50
Pedicure - $45 - w/shellac - $65
Shellac Nails (only) - $30

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Beauty-Tox: No-Needle Oxygen Pressure Injection

Beauty Tox Home Care Products available in our Online Store

O2 Total Skin Stimulation    Facelift Without Surgery
For Mature skin showing typical signs of aging, lines and wrinkles, dry skin with loss of elasticity and lax facial contour. Average age 45 and up. Total Stimulation addresses any needs from the collar bone up. Reducing the depth of expression and age related lines by relaxing facial muscles, regenerating collagen fibers and plumping up the lines with hyaluronic acid. Also stimulates and firms the muscles in the cheek area. Discounts on packages and all home care products are discounted 10% with packages.
1 Session - $225.00
5 Sessions (prepaid) - -$1,015.00

O2 Pure-Oxygen Against Impurities     Anti-Acne Treatment
For acneic skin regardless of age. Intensively cleanses and clarifies with oxygen. Gently removes excess layers of cornified skin cells of the epidermis, reduces the oil production and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Special pricing for Packages and all Take home products will be discounted 10% with packages.
1 Session - $129.00
5 Sessions (prepaid) - $580.00

O2 Eye Contour Lift    For Your Eyes Only
Oxygen for a smooth and lineless eye area. For reduction of depth of expression and age related lines around the eyes, between the brows, as well as firming the entire eye area and lifting the upper lid. The forehead is also included in the treatment. All take home products are discounted 10% with all packages.
1 Session - $99.00
5 Sessions (prepaid) - $445.00

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Before Beauty-Tox Oxygen Treatment

After 5 Beauty-Tox Oxygen Treatment

O2 Firm Neck and Decollete    For A Youthful Neck & Chest
For the delicate neck and decollete area with loss of elasticity and lines. Firms under the chin, refines the skins structure, firms and visibly smoothes out the skin. Intensively cleanses and clarifies the skin with oxygen and special products. All home care products discounted 10% with packages.
1 Session - $99.00
5 Sessions - $445.00

Before Beauty-Tox Oxygen Treatment

After 10 Beauty-Tox Oxygen Treatments

O2 Plumping Lip Optimizer   The Alternative to Collagen Injections
Oxygen for more volume of the lips and more defined contours. For reduction of depth of lines around the mouth and lips, enhancement of lip contours and increased volume. Instantly fills up fine lines and gradually plumps up the lips by stimulation of the lips own collagen production. All home care products discounted 10% with packages.
1 Session - $99.00
5 Sessions (prepaid) - $445.00

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Before Beauty-Tox Oxygen Treatment

After 3 Beauty-Tox Oxygen Treatments

Anti-Aging Facials

Rejuvenating Peptide Facials

Essential Facial....$89
Approx 60 Minutes
Includes a thorough cleansing, skin analysis, steaming, extractions,
high-frequency treatment, basic mask and face, neck and shoulder massage

Upgrades - $40

includes 2 step peel to reveal fresh glowing skin,
personalized mask with wrinkle fighting peptides.

Resurfacing Stem Cell
for hyperpigmentation and dull, rough skin,
personalized mask with wrinkle fighting peptides.

Pumpkin Clarifying
This acne facial exfoliates to combat acne and revitalize dull skin
Clears the skin of impurities while lifting signs of sun exposure,
leaving skin fresh and renewed.

Calming Recovery
Even sensitive skin is glowing after this calming soothing treatment.
A gentle peel refreshes skin without irritation.
Promotes even skin tone and reduces signs of redness.

Mini Lunchtime Facial...$49
Approx 35 mins.
Cleanse, Face and Neck Massage, Basic Mask. Tone and Moisturize.

Express Facial....$60
Approx 45 mins.
Cleanse, Exfoliate, Face and Neck Massage, Basic Mask,
Tone, Face Lift Serum and Moisturize.

Add our Exfoliating Peel for $25

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Non-Surgical Face Lifts

Anti Aging Face Wrap ...... $60
30 minute Anti Aging Face Wrap to firm the neck, eyelids, forehead and cheeks.

Anti-Aging Face Taping ...... $89
Face taping face lift and Anti-Aging wrinkle reducing wrap. Helps to lift & firm the face & neck.No facial included., face must be clean of creams, lotions & make-up .Followed up with Velvet Cream.

May Add Mini European Facial for $40

European Facial and Face Wrap ...$119
We've added a 30 minute Anti-Aging Wrinkle Reducing Face Wrap to our European Facial for skin firming.

Mini Anti-Aging Face Taping ..... $60
Face Taping procedure performed along with your body
Wrap. No facial included, face must be clean of creams, lotions & make-up.

Add a Mini Facial ..... $40

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Body Treatments

Chocolate or Champagne Body Scrub... $65
Enjoy a full body scrub followed by a light massage for beautiful, silky smooth skin.
Great for dry, flakey, dehydrated skin.

Day Of Chocolate......$315
Indulge in a Chocolate Body Scrub that tightens and hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth. We top it off with a light Chocolate Butter Massage. The Decadent Facial follows the Body Treatment. Then enjoy our wonderful Chocolate Spa Manicure and Pedicure, while enjoying lunch, chocolates and hot cocoa or your choice of soda, water or coffee. Yum!!!

Chocolate Spa Pedicure .....$65
Luxurious chocolate foot bath followed by a chocolate scrub and foot mask completed with a yummy chocolate butter cream.

Chocolate or Champagne Manicure... $45
Manicure using our wonderful chocolate or champagne oil and butters

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Swedish Relaxation Massage .. 1/2 hour $40, 1 hour $70
Chocolate Champagne or Tropical Swedish Massage... 1/2 hour $55 1 hour $75 Couple's Aromatherapy Massage.. 1 hour $139
Couple's Delight..1/2 hour Swedish Massage & Mini Facials $198


Brow Transformation. . . $20
Lower Legs. . . . $50
Lip or Chin. . . . $15
Full Face (brows not included). . . $40
Full Legs. . . . . $100
Arms. . . . $40
Arms & Underarms. . . . . $95
Forearms.. $40
Underarms. . . . . $35
Upperarms. . . . . $35
Back or Chest. . . . . $75 & up each
Bikini . . . . $35 & up depending on hair growth
French Bikini (inside crease of leg) . . . . $50

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Spa Packages

The Relaxer .......... ($238 value) $229
New Miracle Body Wrap along with our relaxing
Mini Facial . 2 hours of relaxation.

The Make-Over ........... ($219 value) $195
A Cellureduce Body Wrap with Mini Face Taping &
Shampoo & Style and Make-up Make-Over .
3 1/2 hours for a New You!

The Anti-Aging Day of Beauty ...... ($383 value) $345
Power Energizer Body Wrap , Mini Facial & Face Taping &
Shampoo & Style & Make-Up Makeover.
5 Hours for A Younger and More Beautiful You!

The Stress Reliever... ($148 value) $139
Stress Relief Body Wrap with Mini Facial. 1½ hours of relaxation.
*No inch loss guarantee.

& must be used within 6 months.

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